About us

The objective of the Digital Pharma Circle is to help pharma turn digital health concepts into reality.

The DPC brings a select group of leaders from within the pharmaceutical industry together for virtual events that help direct the development of digital health initiatives. Events are held throughout the year and focus on the topics that are most relevant for the practical implementation of digital health tools within pharma in a manner that generates value for patients, HCPs, and the broader healthcare industry.

Events are organized, run, and moderated by DPC knowledge and content partners with experience in working alongside pharmaceutical companies in the digital health field. The DPC membership base includes individuals from practically every major pharmaceutical company.
Membership is available only to individuals working in a relevant position via online application. This approach ensures that members of the DPC are not only those with knowledge and experience in digital health, but are also in positions to act on findings, advance progress, and shape changes in how pharma utilizes digital technology.

The result is a platform that facilitates the open and honest sharing of knowledge from throughout the industry and learnings that can drive successful implementation of digital health tools within pharma.