Digital Pharma Circle Members:

Yamen Abdel Aziz photo
Yamen Abdel Aziz
Associate Director at Gilead
No photo found
Renate Barharn
Manager, Patient Centricty at Eli Lilly
Kais Ben Noureddine photo
Kais Ben Noureddine
Market Access Head Boehringer Ingelheim
Stefanie Bienert photo
Stefanie Bienert
Deputy Director, Data Science at Bayer
No photo found
Yvonne Böttcher
Manager Patient Relations at GSK
Sebastian Bohl photo
Sebastian Bohl
VP, Global Head New Businesses Fertility at Merck
Susanne Brandl photo
Susanne Brandl
Global Patient Partnership Principal Director at Roche
Jakob Defér photo
Jakob Defér
Government Affairs Manager at Amgen
Joanna Demel
Joanna Demel
Customer and Market Insights at Sanofi
No photo found
Ines Eggert
Director, Patient Relations at GSK
Ahmad El Hajj photo
Ahmad El Hajj
Patient Journey Partner at Roche
Eva Gendolla photo
Eva Gendolla
Open Innovation Consultant at Novo Nordisk
Saleem Hussaini photo
Saleem Hussaini
Head of Global Commercial & Medical Technology Solutions and Operations at Biogen
Alan Jenkins photo
Alan Jenkins
Director, Global Development Program Leader at Janssen
Anthony Jones photo
Anthony Jones
Global Digital Solutions Lead at Sanofi
Parveen Karjiker photo
Parveen Karjiker
Lead Strategic Projects at Eli Lilly
Henrike Karmasin photo
Henrike Karmasin
Senior Director Commercial Operations at Daiichi
Jeanne Kehren photo
Jeanne Kehren
CEO in Health and Tech Solutions Consulting
Edmond Kim photo
Edmond Kim
Omnichannel Strategy Director at Amgen
Eduard Kirchner photo
Eduard Kirchner
Digital Innovation Manager at Daiichi
Ekin Koca photo
Ekin Koca
SAMD Product Manager at Biogen
Christine Kreutzer photo
Christine Kreutzer
Senior Director Strategic Innovation at Teva
Daniel Luescher photo
Daniel Lüscher
Global Customer Journey Owner at Roche
No photo found
Rasmus Luethje
Innovation & Value Design Manager at Chugai Pharma
Alan McKernan photo
Alan McKernan
Director, Global Digital Health at Merck
Benedikt Mielke photo
Benedikt Mielke
Senior Regional Market Access Manager at Gilead
Thorsten Mintel photo
Thorsten Mintel
Director, Strategic Innovation at Pfizer
Marie Nielsen photo
Marie Nielsen
Market Access Manager at GSK
No photo found
Suzan Oliveira
Business Development Manager at Roche
Sena Özbakım photo
Sena Özbakım
Senior Product Manager at BMS
Julia Pescheny photo
Julia Pescheny
Patient Relations Manager at GSK
Ilaria Piubelli photo
Ilaria Piubelli
Head of International Patient Healthcare Services at Biogen
Jeremy Sayers photo
Jeremy Sayers
Director, Patient Solutions, Portfolio Acceleration Team at Pfizer
Markus Schöne photo
Markus Schöne
Head of Business Development at DR. KADE Health Care
Sebastian Seibold photo
Sebastian Seibold
Associate Director, Partnerships at smartpatient
Rebecca Stoll photo
Rebecca Stoll
Project Assistant at Pfizer
Barbara Stollfuss photo
Barbara Stollfuss
Head Digital Customer Strategy & Innovation at Bayer
Sunil Trivedi photo
Sunil Trivedi
Associate Director, Lead Consultant at Novartis
Marco Valtorta photo
Marco Valtorta
Marketing Manager Obesity at Novo Nordisk
Roel van den Broeck photo
Roel van den Broeck
Digital Business Transformation Lead at UCB
Joost Van Duuren photo
Joost Van Duuren
Digital Pathology Squad Lead E-L ACCORD Programm at Roche
Johanna Zapf photo
Johanna Zapf
Innovation & New Commercial Partnership Manager at Sandoz
Jorge Cancela photo
Jorge Cancela
Digital Health Leader at Roche
Felipe Ramirez photo
Felipe Ramirez
Business Excellence Lead at Bayer
Zaid Alyacoub photo
Zaid Al-Yacoub
Digital Health Manager at Novo Nordisk
Richard Van photo
Richard Van
Healthcare Innovation & Strategy Lead, US Immunology at UCB
Özgül Ergüler photo
Özgül Ergüler
Customer Engagement at Sanofi
Photo not found
Preethi Ramesh
Associate Director Data Science at Takeda
 Anita Kraker von Schwarzenfeld photo
Anita Kraker von Schwarzenfeld
Venture Lead, Digital Health at Bayer
 Lana Solberg photo
Lana Solberg
Healthcare Solutions & Partnerships at Boehringer Ingelheim
Markus Ruchty photo
Markus Ruchty
Head of Marketing Pharma at Bayer
Sencer Berrak photo
Sencer Berrak
Global Medical Digital Manager at ViiV Healthcare
Sergii Chemeryskyi photo
Sergii Chemeryskyi
Head of Omnichannel, Central & South Europe MCO at Sanofi
Roberto Garcia Neves photo
Roberto Garcia Neves
Digital Acceleration & Innovation Manager at Sanofi
Nicole Schechter photo
Nicole Schechter
Senior Director, CDX at Roche
Photo not found
Spencer Jones
Executive Director Global Digital Health at Bristol Myers Squibb
Philipp Bode photo
Philipp Bode
Head of Business Excellence and Execution at Novartis
Othmane Guessous photo
Othmane Guessous
Head of CX at Novartis
Gökhan Salmanoğlu photo
Gökhan Salmanoğlu
Global Business Transformation Lead, Chief Marketing Office at Pfizer
Mayada Alkhakany photo
Mayada Alkhakany
Regional Healthcare Affair, Innovation and Patient Engagement Leader at Boehringer Ingelheim
Alex Sanghikian photo
Alex Sanghikian
Digital and Innovation Manager at Sandoz
Photo not found
Dineshkumar Munikrishnan
Global Capability Owner - Digital Strategy at Boehringer Ingelheim
Devang Parikh photo
Devang Parikh
Vice President, Head of Global Medical Operations at Biogen
Photo not found
Reinaldo Capezzuto
Digital & Innovation Lead at Gilead Sciences
Marcos Leal photo
Marcos Leal
Sr Director Global Marketing at Abbott